March 8, 2023

March 8, 2023
By Todd Mansur Captain / Marine Naturalist

Vista Del Mar Elementary / Amy Sacahse, Kim Goode, Jill Lafever 5th grade  78 Students

Departure: 10:00 From Dana point harbor

Weather: calm perfect conditions.

As we headed out we were called in to a pod of offshore Bottlenose dolphin. By 10:30 we were caught up with the pod of approximately 45 Bottlenose feeding and swimming up the coast.

at 10:45 we were notified of 2 large Fin Whales 4.5 Miles up the coast off Laguna beach.

at 11:10 we had reached the 2 large fin whales. The whales appeared to be feeding. We stayed for 20 minutes before having to head back.  Great sighting.

12:00 Arrive back To Dana Point Harbor.

Total sightings

  • 2 Fin Whales
  • 45 Bottlenose Dolphins