April 28, 2023

April 28, 2023
By Todd Mansur Captain / Marine Naturalist

La Mendera Mrs. Linda Peterson 1st grade 79 students.

Departure: 9:45 From Dana Point Harbor.

Weather: very calm overcast marine layer.

Today was an incredible day for our young scholars. Our first sighting was at 10:15 with a pod of over 1000 Common dolphins. We stayed with the dolphins for about an hour before stopping to look at some California Sea Lions. Right after we left the Sea Lions we again met up with more Dolphins. This kept our young scholars so entertained.

At 11:20 we found a north bound Gray Whale in 36 feet of water right out front of the harbor. The students were so excited. After each series of breaths the young Gray whale showed its tail. Another amazing GWF trip.

11:45 Arrive back To Dana Point Harbor.

Total sightings

  • 1 Gray Whale
  • 1000 Common Dolphins